Favorable Award Rulings:  While working as a securities litigation paralegal, Jeremy Hillpot contributed to the pursuit of the following NASD/FINRA arbitration awards:


     • 92 Arbitration Awards




Strategic Legal Writing: Writing Samples




There are many different styles and formats in which a FINRA Arbitration Statement of Claim can be written. You may have specific legal counts and language that you would like to include in a particular claim, or you may have a Statement of Claim template or framework that you wish to employ. Whatever your style, I will adapt my writing to your preferences.


Please feel free to review the Statement of Claim excerpts I've included below as examples of my work. These excerpts are completely fictitious and created specifically for this website.



Writing Samples:  The samples below represent the factual allegations sections of statements of claim.


      Statement of Claim 1

     • Excerpt 

     • Long Version  (.pdf) 


     Statement of Claim 2

     • Excerpt 

     • Long Version  (.pdf)




Jeremy A. Hillpot: Stategic Legal Writing
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