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About Jeremy A. Hillpot


During the six years following the 2002 downturn in the technology and telecommunications sector, Jeremy Hillpot aided Hooper & Weiss (Orlando) in filing and successfully litigating more than 2,500 individual FINRA arbitration cases. During this time, Jeremy personally wrote hundreds of statements of claim, and trained paralegals and referral counsel to draft statements of claim. As lead claims writer and paralegal, he was responsible for the final edit of all securities claims filed by the Hooper & Weiss, Orlando office.


Jeremy Hillpot is the sole legal writer at Strategic Legal Writing. In the course of his career as a securities litigation paralegal, he has written claims for cases involving the following legal issues:


- Unsuitable Recommendations
- Overly Risky Investments
- Disabled Investors
- Variable Annuities
- Mutual Fund Switching
- Fanny Mae & Freddy Mac
- WorldCom Stock Fraud
- Schwab YieldPlus Funds
- Evergreen Funds
- Technology Telecom Stocks

- Overconcentration
- Sub-Prime Mortgages
- Lack of Diversification
- Failure to Execute
- Churning
- Options Trading
- Employee Stock Options
- Misrepresentation/Omission
- Negligence
- Breach of Fiduciary Duties


Jeremy A. Hillpot: Stategic Legal Writing

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